The Parish of St.Mary's, Ullenhall

Much of the above information and images used have been  reproduced with the kind permission of the named contributors and Sarah Ashton and her, where their copyright does not apply the remainder is  copyright 2020 Ullenhall PCC, 

Priest in Charge:  Rev John F. Ganjavi Telephone:  01564-792570,


Lay Reader: Malcolm Aldridge, telephone 01564-794019

Organist: Helen Williams, telephone 01564-792593

Church Wardens, Derek Jones, telephone 01564-792999

                                Eileen Evason, telephone 01564-79

P.C.C. Secretary, Mrs Frieda Earle

P.C.C. Treasurer, Mr John Hodesdon

Parochial Church Council

​Medames: A. Wellings,  E. Gould,  W. Evason,  J. Haimes, P. Jones

Messrs':  J. Hodesdon,  D. Cardwell,  M. Aldridge,  D. Jones

Church of England Society Secretary, Karen Symes, telephone 01564-792506

Ullenhall  Parish Magazine Distribution Co-ordinators, Dave & Eilleen Evason

Volunteer distributors of Ullenhall Parish Magazine, without whose help the magazine could never be distributed each month.

Edna Gould,     Catherine Waller,    Ann Runacres,    Jan Barnard,    Eileen Evason,    Karen and Denis,                           Carolyn Gascoigne,   Wendy Dillon,    Edith Wallace,    Helen Williams,    Pat Bushell,     Julia Karle,  

Thank you to Mr John Hughes whose continual diligence has kept the church grounds of St Mary's and the Old Chapel in such good condition for all these years.